Eldan Installs Cable Recycling System in Ukraine

Copper recovered will go into making new wire and cable.

September 9, 2013
RTGE Staff
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Danish equipment company Eldan Recycling has recently delivered and commissioned an Eldan E2000C Cable Recycling System to a company operating in the Ukraine.

According to Eldan, the new system will be integrated into the customer’s existing production program. The cable recycling system will supply copper feedstock for the Ukraine company’s new copper and wire cable production process.

“The customer chose Eldan because of the high purity of the copper fraction,” says Vadim Michagin, Eldan’s area sales manager. “The purity of the copper fraction is imperative for the successful production of high quality copper wire.”

Eldan says it has continued to develop, refine and optimize the cable recycling process since it first introduced equipment for that task in 1971.