ECVC earns R2/RIOS certification

ECVC earns R2/RIOS certification

Nonprofit commercial electronics recycler offers hard drive data destruction and collection services.

February 16, 2016
Recycling Today Staff
Certification Electronics Secure Destruction
ecvc electronics recycling logoEastern Carolina Vocational Center Inc. (ECVC), a nonprofit commercial electronics recycler based in Greenville, North Carolina, has announced it has received R2/RIOS (Responsible Recycling Practices/Recycling Industry Operating Standard) certification. As part of the CyclePoint from SourceAmerica national network of electronics recycling providers created in part to employ people with disabilities, ECVC says 75 percent of its direct workforce consists of employees with significant disabilities.

“This certification is like the ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’ in the electronics recycling world—ensuring safe, secure and environmentally friendly disposal for citizens and businesses,” the company says, adding, “In addition, R2/RIOS certification is required by many municipalities and businesses.”

At ECVC’s e-scrap demanufacturing facility, located next to its material recovery facility (MRF), workers handle a variety of commercial e-scrap, including computers, servers, monitors, keyboards, mice, copiers, scanners, fax machines, TVs, A/V and communication equipment, as well as point of sale machines. The company also offers hard drive data destruction (to the U.S. Department of Defense specification with destruction certifications available) and pickup services for businesses.

ECVC says it has a strong history in its dedication to quality, safety and responsibility. With the addition of electronics recycling services in January 2015, ECVC says it readily took on the process of earning certification.

In addition to the safe, secure and environmentally friendly disassembly processes at ECVC, the organization says the second main focus for R2/RIOS extended past ECVC to its downstream vendors. The certifications help ensure that downstream vendors are: secure (no data stolen) and responsible recyclers (not in third world countries or using any methods that could cause sickness, injury or death).

ECVC says only 13 percent of electronics are disposed of and recycled properly. In an effort to get the word out about responsible electronics recycling, ECVC has held several community collection events at co-sponsors locations and plans to continue hosting two local collection events per month.

For more information on ECVC’s electronics recycling services, call ECVC General Manager Chris Richardson at (252) 317-3108.

Established in 1965, ECVC is a nonprofit Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP). Its social mission is “to help people with disabilities attain a higher quality of life through achievement of their vocational goals.” The company’s local and government contracts provide financial stability to help support its mission. ECVC’s Vocational Placement and Training Services staff help secure competitive employment positions for people with disabilities at community businesses.