E-World Online Helps OEMs Meet EPR Requirements

Electronics recycling solution provider’s MITS network collected an estimated 60 million pounds of electronic scrap in 2012.

January 9, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

E-World Online, a Vista, Calif.-based provider of electronics recycling solutions, has announced that it has met the 2012 extended producer responsibility (EPR) electronic scrap weight requirements for its electronics manufacturer clients in 10 states while supporting continuous funding for free and convenient electronics recycling in states regulating electronic scrap collection.

E-World Online administers electronic scrap take-back programs across the country for consumer electronics manufacturers. E-World says it has been able maintain its perfect record for achieving weight requirements for clients in all EPR-regulated states through its proprietary solution for consumer electronics manufacturers, the Manufacturer Interstate Take-back System (MITS).

The MITS network, comprised of either R2- (Responsible Recycling Practices-) or e-Steward-certified recyclers, collected an estimated 60 million pounds of electronic scrap for some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers in 2012.

E-World’s MITS is designed to regulate the flow of electronic scrap to benefit manufacturer clients, consumers and networked processors through its software. E-World says MITS ensures neither a surplus nor shortfall in electronic scrap collection for OEMs, supporting a steady flow of funding for processors and helping to keep program costs down.

E-World says many manufacturers have selected its MITS as a cost-effective solution for compliance within the 25 states currently regulating electronic scrap collection. The size of MITS’ network of recyclers allows for low processing prices that are coupled with customizable software, the company says. 

“For many manufacturers, especially smaller ones, deciding whether or not to internally manage various electronic scrap policies is a business decision,” says CEO Bob Erie. “They ask themselves whether the administrative costs associated with meeting all the requirements are greater than outsourcing to programs like ours. MITS provides a cost-effective and environmentally compliant solution which drastically reduces each corporation’s administrative costs."

During the last three years, E-World says it has achieved steady growth and estimates it has collected 120 million pounds of electronic scrap. MITS is able to offer services in nearly all 50 states and provides manufacturers with a solution to monitor collection progress in real-time and guides consumers with information about local electronic scrap recycling options in their communities, according to E-World.

More information is available at www.e-worldonline.com.