E-Waste Systems Partners with GoEz Deals

GoEZ to serve as electronics recycler’s e-commerce and technology partner.

August 13, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
E-Waste Systems Inc. (EWSI), an electronic waste management services, technology and reverse logistics company with offices in Los Altos, Calif., London and Shanghai, has signed a contract with GoEz Deals Inc., New York. GoEZ will serve as the strategic e-commerce and technology partner for EWSI, which EWSI says should add $3 million or more to its 2013 revenues.
"GoEz has experienced impressive revenue growth to around $2 million per quarter, with steadily increasing profitability,” says Martin Nielson, founder and CEO of EWSI. “It has proven to be a strong entrant in both the e-commerce and wholesale warehouse businesses, having added over 600 affiliated agency partners since inception.” 
Nielson continues, “This relationship will enable GoEz to expand their business into the e-waste and end-of-life electronics market by harvesting the relationships with its affiliates to promote our eWaste services and to expand the opportunities to secure more consumer-based streams of eWaste.”
GoEz has planned to double its presence in Brooklyn, N.Y., by the end of 2013 and will launch similar operations in Miami and Los Angeles in 2014, the companies say. GoEz also plans to introduce its own brands for household goods in 2014 as well as its own branded warehouse discount rewards card and e-commerce credit card programs.
Ed Torres, general manager and co-founder of GoEz, says, "Our U.S. collaboration with EWSI is a great opportunity for Go EZ Deals to have an ally in the e-waste management industry, whereby our Northeast wholesale sales channel can remarket electronics to our B2B customer base via wholesale, retail and e-commerce distribution. Our joint efforts in taking our proven distribution methods to dense populations in the biggest cities in the United States allows for massive growth. 
“Teaming up with EWSI's expertise in value recovery is going to fuel our growth in the sales of electronic products,” Torres continues. “Our synergistic approach to sales distribution will certainly complement both our market goals. Working with EWSI provides an exciting opportunity to further serve our customers, especially in recycling e-waste. We are committed to promoting EWSI's recycling initiatives through our promotional platform to contribute to a greener planet.”
Nielson says, "This transaction is another step in our commitment to our goals of growing our global brand, expanding our technologies and accelerating our revenues. The relationship with GoEz is a significant step toward accomplishing these goals and we intend to take maximum advantage of this opportunity with Ed and his team.”