E-Waste Systems holds grand opening

E-Waste Systems holds grand opening

Electronics recycler celebrates opening of Cincinnati plant.

February 17, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

Electronics recycler E-Waste Systems Inc. (EWS), with corporate offices in London, Shanghai and Cincinnati, has officially opened its new Cincinnati reverse logistics and electronics recycling facility.

"We are pleased to announce the opening of our new facility in Cincinnati and the grand opening on the 20th of March," says Martin Nielson, founder and CEO of E-Waste Systems Inc. "This facility is strategically located in the logistics golden triangle of the eastern U.S. and will combine to offer all the services available under our brand."

E-Waste Systems says the facility has the capacity to process as much as 75 million pounds of electronic scrap per year. The new building will serve as the headquarters of the operating unit EWS Cincinnati, which will provide oversight of the recently acquired facility in New York state.

The company says its Cincinnati unit will become a strategic operational hub and will provide the basis for further expansion in the Northeast.

Nielson adds, "In late 2013 EWS Cincinnati acquired equipment for operations in Ohio and New York, and this is the next step in the implementation of that transaction. Our teams in both locations are doing a great job. This facility is a very important part of our eastern U.S. operations."

The Cincinnati facility measures more than 50,000 square feet and can be expanded as demand increases, E-Waste Systems says. All of the recently acquired assets, including the shredding and separation and CRT (cathode ray tube) processing lines, are being installed at the Cincinnati facility. Simultaneously, the asset recovery, data destruction and repair and refurbishment functionality, much of which was acquired with the 2013 acquisition in California, also is being installed in Cincinnati.

"Our new location opens extensive business opportunities and enables us to provide the region with a comprehensive solution to a global problem," says Julie Peterson, president of EWS Cincinnati. "We are already operating in the new facility and have just received record receipts of new waste streams from key customers."