DP Electronic Recycling Introduces Mobile Data Destruction Service

Wisconsin company offers on-site degaussing and shredding of hard drives.

July 31, 2013
SDB Staff
Equipment & Products
DP Electronic Recycling, Elkhorn, Wis., now offers on-site data destruction service. 

The company uses a portable degausser and shredder to destroy hard drives at its clients’ offices. DP’s data destruction truck is equipped with its own generator to run the equipment, so no hookups are needed at the facility.

Along with the degaussing and physically shredding hard drives, DP can videotape the process for the client. The company also invites clients to witness the process. 

If requested, the company says it can immediately print a Certificate of Data Destruction.

All data destruction is done to Department of Defense 5220-22M standard, according to DP. 

Dale Helgeson, company president and CEO, says, “DP Electronic Recycling prides itself on developing creative solutions for problems that companies have.  DP has a viable solution for the destruction of data and feels that bringing it on site will give businesses the confidence and security to know their data and their clients’ data has been removed and destroyed properly.”

DP Electronic Recycling also recently has announced that it has been certified to the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment®.

"The e-Stewards designation sets us apart from many other players in the industry and certifies that we are one of the top providers of electronic recycling in the nation,” Helgeson says. “We are thrilled to have achieved this designation and are committed to meeting the highest bar for responsible recycling.”