Website helps companies track landfill diversion

Website helps companies track landfill diversion data can be updated by generators or haulers.

December 21, 2016
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Municipal / IC&I

Phoenix-based American Industrial Apps has developed a website at designed to help organizations track their waste and recycling load data, computing their landfill diversion rates and resulting savings in real time.


Phil Cacioppo, the founder of American Industrial Apps, says the company or organization generating discarded materials can enter its own recycling data or can do so in cooperation with its vendors, such as haulers and material recovery facility (MRF) operators.


“The idea is that an organization will experience improved results with their sustainability program if they are able to better track their progress in terms of their landfill diversion rate and resulting savings,” says Cacioppo.


He continues, “I would like to partner up with MRFs across the United States to get this to their customers as a way of increasing each MRF's customer retention in a cost-efficient manner. For those MRF customers who care about their sustainability program, they will see this as a value-added benefit that will keep them with that MRF.”


Cacioppo says the website can collect waste, recycling and composting data and compute it in an ongoing manner. The data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or in a PDF that can be distributed.


As of late December 2016, American Industrial Apps, which can be contacted through its website, is offering a free 60-day trial for its service, followed by an $11 monthly charge.