DestructData Introduces Validator

Handheld data erasure verification tool created in response to changes in NIST guidelines.

July 31, 2013
SDB Staff
North Andover, Mass.-based DestructData, a provider of data destruction solutions, has teamed up with LaBelle, Fla.-based CPR Tools, a data recovery firm, to develop a data erasure process verification appliance, the Validator.  

DestructData describes the handheld Validator as “an ultraportable, easy-to-use tool” that “addresses the need for hardware and software independence in a sampling process and eliminates the need for a highly trained operator, producing simple pass/fail results and automated reporting.”

The Validator can analyze up to four SATA (serial ATA) or IDE (integrated drive electronics) drives at once against configurable criteria based on the original erasure process used (including erasure method, fingerprinting and a number of other variables) to verify and document that the drives have been erased to the intended specification, according to DestructData. The Validator offers an audit trail that can be imported into asset tracking software as well. 

The Validator was developed to address new media erasure verification standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the company says. Originally issued in 2006, NIST Special Publication 800-88 is a guideline commonly used for electronic media sanitization. Revision 1 of SP 800-88 mandates that organizations internally sample audit their hard drive sanitization processes using software and hardware separate from that which is used to perform the original sanitization. 

More information on the Validator is available at