Danieli Centro introduces shredder emissions system

Dedusting system is designed to keep VOC emissions low.

February 25, 2014
RTGE Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

Italy-based Danieli Centro Recycling says a new Danieli-patented system for gas cleaning and controlling volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions has been successfully commissioned.

Danieli says test results achieved all project targets, with total VOC emissions lower than 5 milligrams per normal cubic meter, and is touting the new technology as a new benchmark for dedusting systems for auto shredding.

The pilot test shredder, in operation at a facility run by RMB of Italy, shreds compacted vehicles and other scrap. RMB believed it needed a fume-treatment system to measure and reduce the VOC, according to Danieli. 

VOC measurement has become mandatory recently in Europe. The Danieli technology involves controlling VOC with a bed of activated carbon and processing the primary air flow from the shredder, together with a secondary flow coming from the air separation equipment installed at the fluff separator.

The primary fumes are dedusted with a cyclone and then with a wet scrubber. The secondary flow is prefiltered with a bag filter and heated by an external fuel burner prior to mixing with the primary air flow (from the shredder). The advantage of this technology, according to Danieli, is that a free flame can be safely used to heat only the secondary flow of air, which does not contain VOC.