Thumbs Up for Hammers

Danieli Riverside says customers are pleased with its Carbon Series hammers.

September 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Danieli Riverside Products, Bettendorf, Iowa, says its customers are providing feedback that its Carbon Series hammers for auto shredders are performing beyond expectations.

The Carbon Series hammers, released in April 2012, “are exceeding customer expectations and reducing the overall cost to shred,” according to the company.

“Riverside Products Carbon Hammers have performed better than any hammer we’ve run to date,” says Todd Stevenson of Sadoff Iron & Metal, Fond Du Lac, Wis., Stevenson says Sadoff replaced manganese hammers in its shredder with the Carbon Series hammers. “We have reduced our costs and improved efficiencies. In today’s market anything we can do to reduce our cost and maintain quality is an easy call to make,” he comments.    

James Moreno, shredder manager of Tennessee Valley Recycling in Decatur, Ala., says he also has seen advantages in running the Carbon Hammers, including them having twice the lifespan of manganese hammers. “In the few months that our company has been running the carbon hammers in our 80104 shredder we have seen an increase in production,” says Moreno. “This is due to less downtime in maintenance and labor because of the better quality of the carbon hammers than the hammers we had previously run,” he adds. “I believe every shredder should try a set of these hammers to compare the financial gain that results from using them.”

Danieli Riverside Products says the Carbon Series hammers are “based on a proprietary alloy chemistry and manufacturing process” and that they have been proving especially valuable because “with the ever-changing mix of scrap infeed material, the Carbon Series hammers provide reduced cost per ton to shred and save labor costs with reduced hammer changes.”

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