Cozzi O’Brien Makes Land Acquisition

Cozzi O’Brien Makes Land Acquisition

Chicago area scrap recycler purchases 10 acres in Bellwood, Ill.

March 19, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Cozzi O’Brien Recycling has acquired a 10-acre tract of land adjacent to its Bellwood, Ill., headquarters.

“After searching for over three years we have found what we were looking for, literally in our own back yard,” says Frank Cozzi, CEO of Cozzi O’Brien.

“This expansion will give Cozzi O’Brien an opportunity to consolidate into this new property several storage and operational facilities that we are currently renting,” adds Cozzi. “While giving us a much more logistically friendly location for our truck fleet, it will also give us the space to expand our processing capability at this facility as well as our Franklin Park, Ill., location. The new property is directly across the street from our Melrose Park, Ill., retail buying facility.”

The new property also will be home to a new Bonfiglioli shredder, according to Cozzi. The smaller-sized shredder was purchased primarily to shred aluminum and also upgrade some ferrous scrap. “Any notion that this operation is designed to compete with the big shredders in town is simply wrong,” says Cozzi. “It’s not likely this shredder will ever even see an auto body.”

Company president George O’Brien comments, “ The location of the new facility, which will also house our truck fleet, puts us just minutes from the interstate system and will allow us to service our customers much more efficiently.”

Remarks Cozzi, “The new facility is all hard surfaced with most of it being concrete, providing ease of access for our customers and allowing for better clean up and dust control. Much of the finished product will be stored under roof, allowing for better quality control and minimizing stormwater runoff issues.”