Copex Launches Line of Mobile Scrap Shears

Equipment company says the shear offers power and mobility.

September 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The French company Copex has unveiled the Reflex line of mobile scrap shears. According to Copex, the Reflex line of shears has been designed and developed for compacting and shearing welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap and other metals.

The company reports that the machine is equipped with an efficient shear that is suitable for producing high quality bales. Reflex machines are available with cutting force of 500 tons, 650 tons and 900 tons.

In a company statement, Frédéric Malin, CEO of COPEX, says that the company looked at the needs of its customers and ways to optimize investments costs in a difficult current economic situation. With the Reflex, Copex says it is offering a new range of mobile yet robust machines. “We naturally got inspiration from the benefits of our LIDEX range of heavy-duty machines,” Malin says.

“In 2011, we launched our new range of LIDEX scrap shears designed for the processing of heavy and bulky scrap materials,” Malin notes. “As LIDEX was a great success, we thought that this new range of Reflex machines should benefit from the technical innovations developed for our heavy scrap shears. It is a première on a mobile scrap shear.”

Features of the Reflex shear include:
•    Integrated slides guiding system that guarantees high cutting performance over time and decreases maintenance costs by two-thirds, the company says.
•    Balanced distribution of cutting efforts for increased reliability of the shear frame.
•    The Reflex 900 produces what the company claims is the most powerful box closing force in the mobile scrap shear market. Through the innovative wing design, scrap materials are optimally wrapped, closing efforts are maximized at the end of the closing process and cycle times are considerably reduced.
•    Priority is given to operational comfort through optimized noise control (by means of sound-proofing materials and acoustic panels) and an optimal accessibility of the parts and control elements of the machine.

To meet the needs of recyclers the Reflex scrap shears can be delivered in mobile or semi-mobile versions, the company says. In the mobile configuration, the scrap shears are supplied with 3-, 4- or 6-road axles, depending on the model.

The Reflex range also is offered in a semi-mobile version, equipped with optional hydraulic legs with two positions for fast and easy loading of the machine onto a low loader.