Conecsus adds to customer service team

Teresa M. Moschella joins metals recycling company.

July 13, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Nonferrous Personnel

Terrell, Texas-based Conecsus LLC has announced the appointment of Teresa M. Moschella to the position of customer service specialist with Conecsus’ Customer Service and Commercial Team.

Moschella brings a broad range of experience in sales and service in several industries where she honed her professional experience and skill sets, according to the company.

Tom Mitchell, business manager, North America for Conecsus, says, “We welcome Teresa to our team of customer service specialists. Teresa’s diverse experience and her dynamic drive to achieve excellence in everything she does for the customer will make her a valued asset to our team. Our goal is to match our customers with the very best recycling and waste management programs to suit their individual needs. We look forward to working with Teresa.”

Teresa M. Moschella

From Altoona, Pennsylvania, Moschella began her career in sales at a local retail store. Within two years, she was promoted to store manager, and led her team to many successes while she implemented new practices and procedures to improve business and increase profit. She held sales and customer service positions in several industries including automotive, where she was one of the top grossing sales people and received many accolades and awards.

With patented, advanced recycling technologies, Conecsus says it keeps its customers compliant with local, state and federal regulations while decreasing their carbon footprint and reportable waste streams. Founded in 1980, Conecsus is a recycler and refiner of (surface-mount technology) circuit board solder, paste as well as tin, lead, silver, gold and copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. The company converts these materials into usable metal products.