Conair adds three shredders to product line

New shredders will target the plastic scrap sector.

May 27, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

Conair, a Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania-based maker of plastics processing equipment, has introduced three heavy-duty single-shaft shredders that target the plastics scrap recycling sector.

The shredders include models that are designed for both general-purpose and high-performance rigid plastics, purgings and similar materials, as well as standard-throughput and high-throughput shredders designed to process film and fibers (including carpet). An optional two-piece modular configuration – which allows feeding and cutting sections to be separated to allow wide-open access for cleaning and maintenance – is available on most models.

Dori Raybuck, Conair’s director of global marketing, says, “For years, plastics processors have had to look offshore for tough, high-performance shredders. Now, there is a 100 percent American-made alternative available from Conair. We can supply them as standalone units or in combination with granulators and material-handling equipment to create a complete, integrated scrap-reclaim solution.”

Conair says the Model SHE Series shredders are cost-effective, general-purpose units designed to process hard, rigid plastic scrap. The shredders are built around a 10-inch-diameter forged rotor that is available in widths of 25, 32 and 42 inches. Standard rotor drive motors are 20 hp on the two smaller models and 40 hp on the SHE-42. Larger motors are available optionally.

The rotor is fitted with 4-way indexable dagger-cut blades that work against matching bed knives. Oversized rotor end bearings and self-cleaning, non-contaminating rotor seals ensure rugged dependability even when processing dusty scrap. Screens are available with different hole sizes from 3/8-of-an-inch to 3 inches to control particle size and minimize the need for secondary granulation.

The SHH shredders feature the dagger-cut knife system but are larger with drive motors from 60 to 200 hp as standard and optionally available up to 300 hp on the largest SHX shredder.

SHH rotors are 15 inches in diameter in 42-inch, 52-inch and 62-inch widths, while the SHX models have 20-inch rotors in widths of 52, 62 and 72 inches (1321, 1575 and 1829 millimeters). Oversized outboard pillow-block bearings with split housings are designed to provide long life and easy shaft removal. Screens are provided with hole sizes from coarse (4 inches) to fine (3/8-inch).

Model SFH and SFX Series shredders are similar to the SHH units in their basic design, but feature trapezoid-shaped trap-cut blades that are configured to meet the requirements of high-volume reclaim of plastic film and fiber scrap. Clearance between the rotor blades and bed knife is tight to ensure clean cutting of the lightweight, flexible material.

The rotor design is intended to prevent wrapping and minimizes the regurgitation that could cause wear and heat-generation. Rotors are 17 inches (432 mm) in diameter on the SFH and 20 inches (508-mm) in diameter on the SFX Series. Available widths are 42, 52 and 62 inches (1067, 1321 and 1575 millimeters) on the SFH and up to 72 inches (1829 millimeters) on the higher-throughput SFX. Screen-hole sizes can range from ¾-of-an-inch to 4 inches (19 to 102 millimeters).

All Conair shredders, except the general-purpose SHE model, may be supplied in an optional wide open access configuration. Awkward top-entry into the shredding zone is eliminated by splitting the hopper and exposing all cutting and ramming components to walk-in access. The feature enhances operator safety and makes it easy to keep the shredder clean and properly maintained.

In operation, the plastic scrap is placed in a large steep-sided hopper opening on top of the shredder and gravity causes it to settle in front of the hydraulically actuated feed ram that pushes against the rotating cutter, which is forged from 4140 alloy steel, heat-treated for high-tensile strength and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. All shredders (except the smaller SHE units) come with an over-torque limiting clutch assembly. The mechanical clutch is designed to monitor both instantaneous and gradual clutch slippage and slips automatically to protect the rotor and drive train when limits of the gearbox are breached.

The hydraulic ram in each shredder is driven by a hydraulic motor sized to the expected throughput. The ram is guided by dual rails and synchronized with the load being registered by the rotor drive motor to allow for a fast approach, controlled-pressure cutting and fast ram recovery for maximum throughput.

All models, even the economical SHE units, include an auto-reverse rotor shaft that quickly and automatically recovers from rotor jams.

With the Conair Auto-Shred option, fully automatic “load it and forget it” processing becomes reality, according to the company. Up to six fully automatic control programs can be initiated via the full-color touch screen. Once started, Auto-Shred guides forward motion of the ram intended to provide smooth, efficient shredding with minimal rotor drive energy spikes.

Energy-saving options include variable-frequency drive and an electronic soft-start function. Standard PLC-based controls operate on a widely accepted open-architecture platform with and feature a large color touchscreen user interface. The system has the capacity to store up to six application programs.

Other options include:

  • water-cooled rotors to dissipate heat during continuous operation;
  • blower/vacuum discharge for automatic granulate transfer and storage
  • interlocking controls for both feed and take-away conveyers
  • custom hoppers and elevated legs; and
  • Ethernet module for remote PLC access.

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