Italian Group Says 74 Percent of Packaging in Country Recovered for Recycling

CONAI says Italian, European objectives exceeded.

December 7, 2010
Recycling Today Staff

According to information from CONAI, which was released during Ecomondo 2010 in Rimini, Italy, the percentage of waste recovery from packaging increased in Italy in 2009 even in the context of a negative business situation that reduced consumption. CONAI is a private consortium of firms working towards the recovery and recycling of packaging,.

According to CONAI, in 2009, even with a drop of 10.7 percent in the packaging produced, recovery and recycling increased by 5.3 percent, with a consequent drop in the quantity of packaging material landfilled, which in 2009 fell to 26 percent of total packaging waste.

In absolute terms, 8.024 million tons were recovered from a total of 10.863 million tons put on the market.

CONAI also reports that the total amount of packaging material recycled, 6.943 million tons, 63.9 percent, exceeded both European and Italian regulations.

Broken out by individual packaging material, paper reached 88.4 percent of recovery of the total produced (3.619 kilotons); steel reached 77.7 percent with 356,000 tons recovered, followed by plastic packaging (66.2 percent), glass (66 percent), wood (60.5 percent) and aluminum (56.1 percent).