Company Wrench awarded two patents

The patents are for pulverizing and shearing machines and an auxiliary power unit excavator system.

September 1, 2017
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products Ferrous Nonferrous
Company Wrench, Carroll, Ohio, and its owner Brad Hutchinson were recently awarded two patents, US 9,662,661 B2 for the demolition machine retrofit method, apparatus and demolition method hybrid demolition pulverizing/shearing machines and US 9,657,458 B2 for the auxiliary power unit excavator system (APU unit).

Patent No. 9,662,661 B2 is for designing and integrating a larger class excavator arm (350 class) and demolition tool (bucket linkage shear or concrete pulverizer) onto a smaller class excavator boom and carrier (200 class).  This hybrid machine is designed to maintain the productivity potential of the larger class demolition tool with the fuel consumption of the smaller class carrier and is used in scrap processing yards. 

Patent No. 9,657,489 B2 is for designing and integrating an auxiliary power unit (APU) into a hydraulic excavator. The APU is designed to provide heat or air conditioning to the operator and provide 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC electrical power to the operator cab during periods of excavator idle time. 

In addition, using the APU during periods of excavator idle time is also designed to maintain the excavator engine coolant and hydraulic oil at operating temperature and keep the excavator battery charged. The APU is designed to reduce fuel consumption during periods of excavator idle time and prevent damage to Tier IV exhaust after treatment systems intolerant of extended excavator engine idling.