CM Delivers Tire Shredder to Alabama County

County recently was awarded a grant to build a tire processing facility.

January 22, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

Equipment company Columbus McKinnon has delivered a dual speed shredder, 2R Liberator and zero waste system to Coffee County, Ala. The tire recycling equipment system will be installed by the county and handle the old tires in the county.

The funding for the equipment came from the county recently being awarded a grant by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to build a regional tire processing center in Elba, Ala. According to a release, the county chose equipment from CM to provide the tire recycling equipment.

The CM tire recycling system is designed to produce a variety of products including tire-derived fuel (TDF) and clean steel and wire-free crumb rubber feedstock to be further processed for mulch and playground markets. The center will collect and recycle all of the tire wire removed from the processed tires. CM has delivered the complete system in October.

The state of Alabama generates about 4.5 million tires each year. According to CM, prior to the tire shredding system the only solution for scrap tires in the county was to collect the tires and to bury them in neighboring Covington County.