CMRA Invites Recyclers to Beijing

Chinese metals recycling organization provided industry update at September press conference.

October 5, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Association (CMRA) held a press conference in late September previewing the 12th Recycling Metals International Forum, to be held Nov. 7-9 in Beijing.

The Forum is being held concurrently with the First international Recycling Metal Exhibition & Trade Fair, with both taking place at the China World Hotel in Beijing.

According to Wu Yan, deputy secretary-general of the CMRA, the Forum will focus on six themes:

  • policies and regulations guiding industry development;
  • international trade driving market demand;
  • financial capital boosting business development;
  • technology and equipment;
  • resources and energy management; and
  • global cooperation promoting recycling.

According to the CMRA, this year’s exhibition area of 80,700 square feet (7,500 square meters) will include as many as 80 exhibitors.

Those seeking more information or wishing to register for the November CMRA event can visit

At the September press conference, CMRA Deputy Secretary General Ma Hongchang provided a report on nonferrous market conditions in China in 2012. Hongchang pointed to “the downward pressure of the domestic economy and the slowing recovery of the world economy” as having negatively affected the nonferrous metals and scrap recycling industries in China.

Despite the difficulties, “imports of copper scrap [at] 3.09 million tons from January through August 2012 [have grown by volume] 2.7 percent compared to the same period” in 2011, according to Hongchang. The imported aluminum scrap volume of 1.71 million tons so far in 2012 also represents year-on-year growth, but of just 1.4 percent, he indicated.

CMRA Vice President and Secretary-General Wang Jiwei provided an overview of China’s nonferrous metal recycling over the past decade. From 2002 to 2011, said Wang, China imported 62.74 million tons of scrap metal, including 44.17 million tons of copper scrap and 18.17 million tons of aluminum scrap.

Wang said the imported scrap helped provide “important support for the sustainable development of China's economy and society. Compared with the same amount of primary metal from 2002 to 2011, [the secondary] nonferrous metals industry in China has saved 1.1 million tons of coal, 8.555 billion cubic yards of water and reduced solid waste by 7.677 billion tons.”