CMRA Forum: CMRA Celebrates 10 Years

2012 event also is Ma Hongchang’s final one as Vice Secretary General.

November 12, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

Several hundred traders, recyclers and scrap consumers gathered for the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA) 2012 International Forum in Beijing in November.

At the event’s opening session, CMRA officers accepted congratulations from international recycling association representatives on reaching its 10th anniversary in 2012.

“Over the past decade, the CMRA has done a lot to professionalize its members and [thus] helped the entire international recycling industry,” said Francis Veys, director general of the Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling (BIR).

Robin Weiner, president of the Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. (ISRI), also praised the CMRA for the role it has played in the previous 10 years and said ISRI and CMRA “have developed a very strong working relationship.”

“Free and fair trade between the U.S. and China is of vital importance to our members,” said Weiner, who added that China purchased some $11.5 billion in scrap commodities from the United States in 2011.

In his report to members, CMRA Vice President & Secretary General Wang Jiwei commented, “In the last 10 years we have achieved a lot, and this is because of national policies that have supported us.”

Wang also announced that the 2012 Forum will be the last one in which long-time Vice Secretary General Ma Hongchang will serve in that capacity. Noting that Ma had made “lots of contributions for many years,” Wang said the former officer will stay involved with the CMRA in an advisory role.

The 2012 CMRA Recycling Metal International Forum was at the China World Hotel in Beijing Nov. 7-9.