CMC to Install Auto Shredder in South Texas

Company will include a downstream system at the greenfield site.

May 3, 2011
Recycling Today Staff
Nonferrous Ferrous Equipment & Products Auto Shredding

Commercial Metals Co. (CMC), Irving, Texas, has announced plans to install a 3,000-horsepower Harris shredder with an online/offline nonferrous separation system at a new site in Corpus Christi, Texas.

 According to a press release issued by CMC, the shredder will be built on a 63-acre greenfield site about 5 miles from CMC’s existing scrap processing facility in Corpus Christi. Construction will begin in May with completion anticipated by January 2012, the company says.
Joe Alvarado, CMC president and chief operating officer, says, “Installation of this new shredder ensures CMC will continue to meet the recycling needs of the Corpus Christi area and further demonstrates our commitment to grow our CMC Recycling division.”
With the announced installation, CMC will operate eight auto shredders in North America.