Closed Loop Recycling & Recovery to Open CRT Recycling Plant in Ohio

Arizona-based electronics recycler plans to have Columbus, Ohio, plant operational by the third quarter of 2012.

May 3, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Electronics Glass

Closed Loop Refining & Recovery (CLRR), headquartered in Phoenix, has announced plans to open a 275,000-square-foot facility in Columbus, Ohio, that will target the recycling of cathode ray tube (CRT) devices from throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

David Cauchi, president and COO of CLRR, says the company decided to open the new facility in Columbus after discussions with OEMs and the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Co. (MRM) about the need to open a facility to process glass from electronics throughout the eastern half of the United States.
Cauchi says the goal of the new facility is to take in 3,000 tons of material per month. While the plant will primarily recycle CRT devices, the company also is considering accepting flat panel devices.
Construction on the facility began in late April, Cauchi says, with the full operations expected to begin by the end of this summer.
The company’s process will yield three material streams: ferrous and nonferrous metal, nonleaded glass cullet and leaded glass cullet.
Cauchi says the facility will remove the lead from the leaded glass and market the cullet to a number of industrial applications.
The company presently operates a CRT-recycling facility in Arizona that takes in a significant amount of CRTs from California and West Coast locations.
Cauchi says one of the biggest challenges for CLRR is accessing much of the CRT material that has been warehoused throughout the country. He says a number of electronics recyclers have taken in CRTs through subsidized programs with OEMs and have no way to pay for the material to be shipped to a processor.