Claremont, New Hampshire, considers Wheelabrator plant conversion

Investment group recommends incinerator facility be used for recycling.

June 8, 2016
Municipal / IC&I

An article in the Valley News, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, reports the Claremont, New Hampshire, City Council  will receive a proposal Wednesday night, June 8 2016, from Kentucky-based investment group Recycling Solutions Technology to buy the Wheelabrator incinerator plant on Grissom Lane and convert it to an industrial recycling center.

“We won’t be doing any incineration,” D.B. Kazee, attorney and listed officer with Recycling Solutions, told the paper. “We know for certain the incineration equipment will come out of there.” 

Kazze added that a new company will be formed if the council approves the concept. Recycling Solutions has been in negotiations with Wheelabrator to acquire the plant, which has been closed since 2013, and was put up for auction unsuccessfully twice. 

“One of the reasons we have been talking to them is that we feel there is an opportunity to put in a recycling center and that would give us a present in the northeast,” Kazee told the newspaper. 

Kazee also told Valley News the incinerator’s equipment, though old and out-of-date, might be marketable oversees once it is removed and refurbished. Additionally, Kazee says the new company would look for other opportunities to buy old industrial equipment, which could then be brought to Claremont and rehabilitated. 

Rebecca MacKenzie is a Claremont resident and member of anti-inceration group Working on Waste, which tried for years to shut down the Wheelabrator plant. In an email to the paper, MacKenzie writes that residents must attend the council meeting to express their concerns about incineration in the community and ask questions about the company’s plans.

“It is an unacceptable risk,” MacKenzie says.

The meeting will begin 6:30 p.m. in Claremont City Hall.