City Scrap & Salvage Relocates Operations

New yard features updates designed to appeal to customers.

September 28, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Ferrous Nonferrous

City Scrap & Salvage, an Akron, Ohio, scrap metal recycling company, has officially relocated its scrap metal processing operations to an updated site. The new scrap yard, on 10 acres, is located adjacent to City Scrap’s existing auto shredder.

While the new location has been open since this July, the company held an official opening ceremony Sept. 18, 2012, to showcase the upgraded site to various officials.

City Scrap & Salvage is part of TSB Metal Recycling, a subsidiary of the steel company Timken. TSB purchased City Scrap in late 2010.

Randy Katz of City Scrap says the new, modern facility is paved with concrete and asphalt throughout. The site also includes a building that houses the company’s nonferrous scrap processing operation, and two retention pounds for runoff. Katz also says the new yard has includes an ATM machine to allow for easier payment to its customers.

According to an earlier announcement, the company had expected to invest $7 million in site improvements.