Cincinnati Debuts Enhanced Recycling Program

City partners with Rumpke Recycling, Cascade Engineering and RecycleBank on curbside program.

October 12, 2010
Recycling Today Staff
Municipal / IC&I

The city of Cincinnati has launched a new collection program for recyclables. The new program incorporates the rewards-for-recycling program promoted by RecycleBank, New York City. Cincinnati-based Rumpke Recycling has partnered with the city on the program.

According to a press announcement, the program was launched during the first week of October to about 25 percent of the city’s residences.
“By adopting new technology and proven strategies, I am confident we will double the volume of recyclables collected and reach our 25 percent diversion goal by 2013,” says Larry Falkin, director of the Cincinnati Office of Environmental Quality. “It is our responsibility to be caretakers of the Earth. Our enhanced recycling program takes us one step closer to ensuring that our city, our state, our planet, will be healthy today and for generations to come.”
Jeff Rumpke, Rumpke Recycling vice president, says, “Rumpke is committed to providing a complete solution to handling our region’s waste. Disposal and recycling are both necessary components of that equation. We are always searching for new recycling technology and programs to encourage communities to recycle more.”
He adds, “We are pleased to partner with the city on this innovative recycling program, and look forward to continued progress toward more recycling.”
The four-phase rollout of new recycling carts began in September, with citywide implementation continuing through February 2011.
The new program uses RecycleBank’s rewards-based incentive program.
Cincinnati is using $750,000 from the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grants, awarded to the city through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to manage the program and to purchase the new recycling carts.