CenturyLink announces recycling efforts

Telecommunications company recycled more than 12 million pounds in 2016.

April 19, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
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CenturyLink Inc., a telecommunications company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, has announced that it recycled more than 12 million pounds in 2016.

The company’s recycling sites collected, securely shredded and recycled more than 3 million pounds of paper, saving the equivalent of almost 25,000 trees, according to CenturyLink. In addition to paper, CenturyLink recycled approximately 9 million pounds of a wide range of materials, including metal reels, copper-based materials, precious metals and electronics.

“CenturyLink is actively making choices to lessen our impact on the environment, our recycling program is one of many programs we use,” says Jennifer Scarpino, CenturyLink director of environmental health and safety/business continuity. “We accomplish our sustainability goals through environmental health and safety management programs, collaborative solutions, resources and waste management, as well as technological transformation and climate preparedness.”

Additional CenturyLink environmental initiatives include:

  • partnering with other providers and equipment manufacturers of set top boxes and small network equipment to look for ongoing improvements in energy efficiency;
  • completing Energy Star certification for 19 data centers, more than any other co-location provider as of the end of 2016 (Energy Star ratings place these data centers in the top 25 percent most energy efficient data centers in the U.S.); and
  • implementing initiatives, including decommissioning unused servers and replacing aging equipment with more efficient models, to reduce energy consumption as well as the company’s carbon footprint.

In addition, CenturyLink says it climbed to No. 113 out of the top 500 companies in 2016 from No. 182 in 2015 in Newsweek’s Green Rankings. This ranking comprehensively assesses the environmental performance of the largest publicly traded companies in the world.