Rehrig Pacific releases new version of its cart tracking software

CARTS 5.0 software has been released as a software-as-a-service model.

May 8, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Municipal / IC&I

Los Angeles-based Rehrig Pacific Co., a supplier of roll-out carts, recycle bins, commercial containers and software systems to the waste and recycling collection industry, has released the latest version of its Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (CARTS).

According to Rehrig Pacific, the CARTS 5.0 software allows users to track container movement within specific service areas. This functionality, the company adds, has the potential to minimize container losses and also help prevent the risk of servicing nonpaying accounts. In addition, with the 5.0 version of CARTS, customers can take advantage of the new inventory utilization tools providing visibility of all container asset types and sizes in multiple locations as well as predict when inventory will be depleted, Rehrig Pacific says.

The company says it is offering CARTS 5.0 to customers as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Additional new features include a user-friendly interface, quick search account manager tools and dashboard reporting that capture a snapshot of customer data specific to all aspects of their business, the company says. According to Rehrig Pacific, the dashboards provide a detailed overview of new container distributions, account database creation, container management and work orders, container inventory utilization and daily collection operations.

“For over the last seven years, the CARTS software has been leading the efforts of providing an automated container asset management program for the solid waste and recycling industry,” says Dustin DePanfilis, director of the company’s Environmental Services Group. “Today, Rehrig has millions of containers under management with CARTS, and we are excited to release its new features to our valued customers and the industry as a whole.”

“The intuitive design makes training staff easy and cost effective," says Gene Ginn, assistant solid waste manager for the city of Largo, Florida. "Powerful reporting tools provide meaningful information to determine areas of our operation that may need attention, and with live collection data feeds you are able to track production on the day of collection." Ginn refers to easily trackable inventories and repairs as well as timely customer service as other benefits.