CalRecycle awards $6.6 million in grants for tire recycling

Forty-one local governments and entities received funds to safely manage and encourage reuse of scrap tires.

April 20, 2017
Recycling Today Staff

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has awarded $6.6 million in grants to local governments and entities to safely manage and encourage the reuse of California’s scrap tires. CalRecycle estimates 42 million used and scrap tires are generated in California each year.

“This money makes a real difference in communities across California, where illegally dumped or improperly stored waste tires can pose significant threats to public health and our environment,” Scott Smithline, CalRecycle director, says. “By supporting the safe collection, management and reuse of this material, California continues to show how its core values of environmental protection, public safety and economic vitality go hand in hand.”

CalRecycle’s Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program is designed to promote the use of recycled tires in place of conventional construction material for applications such as retaining wall backfill, landslide stabilization and various landfill uses. CalRecycle awarded three local jurisdictions a total of $187,100 in funding for projects that include roadside drainage, storm water capture systems and retaining wall fill.

TGA grant award winners include:

  • city of Ukiah, $48,875;
  • Marin County, $102,492; and
  • Stanislaus County, $35,733.

CalRecycle’s Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program is designed to ensure cities and counties have sufficient funding to enforce compliance with rules regarding scrap and used tires, including safe hauling and storage. Typical expenditures include costs related to inspection of tire storage facilities and enforcement activities to prevent illegal dumping. Funds may also be used for surveillance activities, cleanup of small waste tire piles, equipment and employee training. CalRecycle awarded 38 local jurisdictions a total of $6,477,147 in funding from this non-competitive grant program.

Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement award winners include:

  • Alameda County, $368,472;
  • Butte County, $34,465;
  • Calaveras County, $41,647;
  • city of Bakersfield, $56,023;
  • city of Fresno, $246,601;
  • city of Los Angeles, $70,190;
  • city of Modesto, $33,616;
  • city of San Diego, $255,980;
  • city of Victorville, $69,277;
  • Contra Costa County, $155,433;
  • El Dorado County, $42,983;
  • Fresno County, $300,000;
  • Imperial County, $124,929;
  • Kern County, $152,737;
  • Los Angeles County, $600,000;
  • Madera County, $103,118;
  • Marin County, $27,370;
  • Mendocino County, $17,487;
  • Merced County, $140,774;
  • Monterey County—$71,534;
  • Napa County, $75,000;
  • Nevada County, $25,145;
  • Orange County, $560,798;
  • Placer County, $238,999;
  • Riverside County, $600,000;
  • Sacramento County, $345,398;
  • San Bernardino County, $600,000;
  • San Joaquin County, $218,465;
  • San Luis Obispo County—$55,555;
  • San Mateo County, $78,214;
  • Santa Clara County, $116,553;
  • Solano County, $150,011;
  • Sonoma County, $94,937;
  • Stanislaus County, $118,949;
  • Tehama County, $46,364;
  • Tuolumne County, $44,209;
  • Yolo County, $88,994; and
  • Yuba County, $106,920

The Local Government Waste Tire Enforcement Grant Program and the TDA Grant Program are funded through a recycling fee on each new tire sold in California.