Busch Systems Relocates

Bin and container maker moves to new building with eco-friendly design.

July 18, 2012
SDB Staff

Busch Systems, a manufacturer of recycling, secure document, compost and waste containers, has relocated its operations to a new building in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, near its previous location.

“Our employees spend half of their waking hours in our offices,” comments Craig Busch, president and CEO of Busch Systems. “It was important to us to create a comfortable and inspiring environment that gives them a high quality of life at work.”

The new location comes with energy-efficient lighting, fireplaces, ergonomic workspaces and relaxing common areas set in an open office concept. A commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability is evident throughout the building’s design, says Busch.

“The idea was to provide a contemporary feel, which is conducive to Busch Systems’ progressive approach in the industry,” says Chris McBrien, Busch Systems’ marketing manager. “As the most prolific designer of recycling, waste and compost bins in the world, we felt it was important to incorporate a progressive design into our facility as well.”