Bühler Launches Optical Sorting Station at the K Show

Integrated Sortex sorting solution is designed for flake processors.

October 16, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Bühler's new Optical Sorting Station, shown here with multi-tier steel mezzanine.

The Bühler Group, based in London, a manufacturer of optical sorting solutions, has launched its new optical sorting station (OSS) system at the K Show, an international trade fair for plastics and rubber held Oct. 16-23, 2013, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Bühler’s specialists launched the integrated system on day one of the eight-day exhibition. According to Bühler, the OSS features various elements of optical sorting, including plant engineering, sorting technology, pneumatic conveyors, preconditioners and auxiliary equipment.

Because the system is integrated, Bühler says, processors no longer need to source-separate elements from multiple suppliers.

For flake processing, the company says, OSS features include a purifying, refining, sizing and grading stage that can include one or more Sortex optical sorters. According to Bühler, these are linked by the necessary equipment to convey the product between stages and, if required, to reintroduce it into the system for resorting. 

Flakes can be fed into one end of the station and collected at the other end, ready for bagging or further processing.

“We want to help our customers achieve the most efficient sorting methods on plastic flake processing lines,” says Charith Gunawardena, head of optical sorting for Bühler. “That is why we are launching our integrated optical sorting station system. By taking care of the whole process, from engineering right through to customer support, we can offer processors a consistent, balanced performance in their optical sorting—delivering efficiency and competitiveness for their enterprises.

“We have already installed the full optical sorting station for several of our plastics customers, including  Deceuninck and ITW Poly Recyling,” adds Gunawardena. “These companies are beginning to see increased efficiency and yield from their processing lines, which of course leads to higher operating profits.”

More information is available at www.buhlergroup.com/optical.