BRT Offers Bale De-wiring Machine

New machine designed for automatic cutting and removal of wire on bales.

February 7, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH, Ibbenbüren, Germany, has announced the availability of the Bal-O-Mat automatic bale de-wiring machine. The company says the machine is designed for medium-sized recycling and other facilities to provide an alternative to the manual cutting of bale wires.

The machine is designed to help facilities save on costs, labor and address safety issues associated with manual cutting of bale wires and strappings.

According to BRT, the Bal-O-Mat completely automates the bale de-wiring process, helping to prevent health hazards and save costs.

A front loader places the bales onto a feeding belt. Then, the driver can do other work until the belt has to be charged again. The bales reach the cutting station automatically. Once in the cutting position, all wires are cut, removed and dropped. There is no need to collect the wires after cutting for transport into a separate container, the company says.

Additionally, the Bal-O-Mat bale de-wiring machine compacts the wires. Tight wire bundles enable recyclers to maximize container volumes, making sale of the wires profitable, BRT says.

The company says the bale de-wiring machine can be combined with its Bal-O-Mat bale breaker for a completely automatic solution. After de-wiring, the bale breaker unravels the bale to produces a loose, continuous material stream for subsequent sorting, BRT says, to the benefit of downstream sorting processes.