Brownwater Plastics Highlights Barge Covers

Covers are new to the U.S. market.

August 1, 2013
Waterways Today
Equipment & Products
U.S. Environmental Recycling Technologies (ERT), a Kentucky-based firm that holds the patent rights for the Powder Impression Molding (PIM) Process, has reported that the product is able to produce the world’s largest thermoplastic molding. The molding, according to ERT, can be used as a barge cover being produced by Brownwater Plastics LLC, an affiliated company to James Marine, an inland river vessel repair company.

Brownwater Plastics holds an exclusive license from ERT to manufacture and sell barge covers and other marine products in the U.S. that are made using the PIM process. 
The covers are used on barges that transport goods such as grains, fertilizers and industrial steel. Its covers are a new entrant into a U.S. market. 
ERT says Brownwater Plastics’ PIM-manufactured barge covers offer superior performance over existing fiberglass covers on a number of measures; they float, do not leak, are easier and quicker to repair and can be recycled at end of life. 
The barge covers are built by fusing together individual sections, making it easy to increase their size. In a new development, Brownwater Plastics says that it is ready to develop covers for super hoppers, which will double the size of those currently in production.
Jeff James, COO at James Marine, says, “Not only are our PIM-manufactured barge covers superior to those already on the market in a number of ways, we have also seen a number of companies attracted to them due to their green credentials. The Obama administration’s green agenda has certainly made some businesses think about making environmentally friendly choices and is a trend we expect to positively benefit from into the future.” 
PIM’s process allows Brownwater Plastics to use mixed plastic waste to manufacture the barge covers.
Furthermore, PIM can produce a huge range of products in all shapes and sizes to be used in a variety of applications.  
Roger Baynham, ERT’s managing director, says, “While ERT’s PIM process is being licensed to make a variety of thermoplastic molding products across the globe for various industries, from shower trays in Europe to anti-ballistic products in the Middle East, Brownwater Plastics’ barge covers are our largest moldings and quite possibly also the world’s. 
“Additionally, not only are Brownwater Plastics intending to increase the recycled content of material used in its PIM production, its environmentally friendly product is also superior to those already on the market in a number of ways, something sustainable products cannot always claim,” Baynham adds.