Books are focus of Mexican recycling effort

Fundación Hélice A. C. holds collection event in Mexicali, Mexico.

August 9, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
International Recycling News Paper

A book and paper recycling drive in Mexicali, Mexico, has resulted in the collection of about 1 million tons of recyclable paper.


According to an online news item from La Voz de le Frontera, the “Donate your old book” campaign organized by the Fundación Hélice A. C. was carried out in early August 2017.


The objective of the drive was to collect magazines, newspapers, office paper and other paper for recycling, as well as the recovery of books in good condition. The Mexicali event is described by La Voz as the eighth edition of the “Donate your old book” campaign.


The three-day event took place in the parking lot of a large shopping center and was designed to serve people both with cars and who came on foot to deliver paper and books.


Books in good enough condition will be donated to the Institute of Culture of Baja California and to the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Mexicali for later distribution through the network of public libraries in the Mexican state of Baja California.


The foundation says approximately one ton of material was collected, but it has not yet determined how many books will head to the library system and how much will be treated as paper to be recycled.