BIR to Address Fraud, Theft from Export Containers

BIR to Address Fraud, Theft from Export Containers

Recycling association works with the International Maritime Bureau in an effort to prevent criminal activity.

August 16, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), Brussels, has announced that it has subscribed to the International Maritime Bureau, one of three bureaus that form Commercial Crime Services, an anti-crime unit of the International Chamber of Commerce. The recycling association will test out the service for a trial period until June 2013.

The BIR has taken the step in an effort to reduce losses from container shipments, primarily from exports to China, that association members are seeing. The theft and fraud issue has been growing in concern, culminating in discussions held during BIR’s spring convention in Rome by the association’s International Trade Council upon initiative of the Non Ferrous Metals Division.

Under the arrangement with BIR, the IMB will collate incidents in regards to container shipments, in particular fraud and theft. According to BIR, the sharing of the information has been effective in reducing risk in other membership sectors of the IMB. Once reports have been verified and recorded, details will be available to BIR members upon checking. Any information passed to the IMB will be treated in strict confidence and the anonymity of the BIR member maintained. IMB will circulate warnings / alerts in some cases.

To make sure the service is as effective as possible, BIR’s secretariat is requesting all BIR members forward reports of fraud and theft from container shipments to the IMB, marked for the attention of the director, identifying themselves as BIR members, with a copy to the BIR office.

Reports to the IMB should consist of a short summary and supporting documentation. The IMB can be contacted through, by email at, by phone at 011-44 -0-20-7423-6960 or by fax at 011-44-0-20-7160-5249.

The BIR notes that the service does not replace the BIR Arbitration Service that BIR members may want to use in case of commercial disputes.