features interactive map of polypropylene collection sites

Berry Plastics Group and Moore Recycling Associates partner to raise awareness of PP recycling opportunities.

April 23, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

Berry Plastics Group, Evansville, Ind., and the plastics consulting firm Moore Recycling Associates, Sonoma, Calif., have launched an interactive polypropylene (PP) recycling program locator map at

Jon Rich, chairman and CEO of Berry Plastics, says, “As one of the largest manufacturers of polypropylene, or No. 5, plastic packaging in the United States, Berry Plastics is committed to exploring and implementing methods to increase the awareness of the recyclability of No. 5 plastics.”

Rich adds, “By partnering with Moore Recycling Associates to launch the interactive No. 5 recycle program map, we are making available an easy to use tool that allows individuals across the United States to locate a program through which they can recycle their plastic packaging.”

“Polypropylene is commonly found in a variety of applications, ranging from bottles to drink cups, yogurt cups, bottle closures, storage totes and automotive parts,” says Stacey Luddy, COO of Moore Recycling Associates. “The growing availability of polypropylene recycling means that there is an increasing supply of reclaimed material that can be reprocessed and given a viable second life. In 2012, over 435 million pounds of rigid polypropylene was collected for recycling in the U.S.”

Rob Flores, sustainability engineer for Berry Plastics, says, “At Berry Plastics, we constantly strive to be good corporate citizens. This is evidenced by some of our long-standing efforts such as closely tracking our utility usage, our focus on lightweighting our products and the work we do with external plastic industry organizations, as well as our sponsorship of the Preserve Gimme 5 program.

“Our focus can also be seen by newer efforts such as the introduction of Versalite polypropylene hot and cold beverage cups," Flores continues. "We encourage everyone to utilize this new map to locate a recycle program in their community, and take the pledge to recycle more plastic."