American Pulverizer Reports Rotor Success

Manufacturer cites increased interest in its full line of shredder rotors.

July 24, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Auto Shredding Equipment & Products

American Pulverizer Co., St. Louis, says shredding plant owners are reporting positive results with and showing steady interest in its line of shredder rotors.

The company offers a line of disc rotors for 72-, 74-, 80-, 98-and 120-inch diameter shredders.

The disc rotors, which can be furnished with custom designed cast steel pillow blocks, are made with hard-faced discs and replaceable end disc caps.

In the field, American Pulverizer says one of its customers, a large-volume scrap company with multiple locations, has been able to use an American Pulverizer 98-inch rotor to process more than 485,000 tons before the unit needed to be remanufactured or replaced.

According to American Pulverizer, its rotors:

  • Use patented square-to-round shafts that do not require keyways and result in longer life;
  • Are statically balanced and dynamically tested; and
  • Use discs tightly fitted to OEM interference fit specs.

More information on the shredder disc rotors can be found at or by emailing