American Pulverizer Offers ASR Processing Mill

American Pulverizer Offers ASR Processing Mill

New shredder designed to maximize metals yield from auto shredder residue.

August 4, 2010

American Pulverizer Co., St. Louis, is now offering a center-feed, high-speed hammermill for processing auto shredder residue (ASR) designed to yield a higher metal recovery percentage.

The machines, which are reversible, accept ASR after it has been processed through a typical eddy current separator and induction coil separator and grind it down to a uniform one-inch product size in order to liberate metals that have been entangled in the fluff material.

The shredded product that is created reduces material to a more manageable state that can be reprocessed through metal separators to yield higher recovery rates for nonferrous metals, according to an American Pulverizer news release.

The machines can be either direct or V-belt driven and come with a variety of options, including cylinder packages for ease of access to the interior of the mill, according to the company. Other features include:
• the machines are symmetrical and can be run in either direction;
• the hammers have four edges;
• the machines are furnished with 180 degrees of screen area; and
• machine sizes range up to 90 inches wide and can be powered by motors with up to 800 horsepower.