All Metals Market Commissions Shredder

All Metals Market Commissions Shredder

Nebraska scrap metal recycler says new shredder can process up to 30 tons of metal per hour.

November 19, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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All Metals Market, a Fremont, Neb.-based third-generation scrap metal recycling firm, has completed installation of and began operating a new auto shredder from the Italian firm Bonfiglioli at its yard in Fremont.

Kevin Yount, president of the company, says the shredder's installation reflects the company’s growth over the past three years. Yount adds that while the equipment is technically an auto shredder, the company expects to use it mostly for shredding sheet metal and other types of scrap.

The shredder, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of November, is only the sixth shredder of its type manufactured by Bonfiglioli that is operational in the United States.

The shredder system includes an input hopper, the shredder mill, two drum magnets for sorting ferrous metals and a configuration of conveyors and eddy current magnetic systems. 

Yount says the decision to install the Bonfiglioli shredder follows All Metals Market purchase of a 2,000-ton gravity feed shear from the company early this year. He says it is the first of its type in operation in the U.S. “We have been very pleased with the shear so we decided to purchase an auto shredder as well,” Yount notes.

One press report notes that the shredder mill contains 16 hammers on a shaft that makes about 1,000 rotations per minute.

When fully operational, Yount says the shredder will be able to process between 20 to 30 tons of metal per hour.

Facilities Manager Todd Hoppe oversaw installation of the system and designed a metal walkway connecting its components.

The decision to add to expand the company’s services follows strong growth for the company over the past three years, Yount points out. “We have a clean facility. We are noticing lots of people are staying away from the large city yards. They come to our yards here and they are not intimidated by the operations.”

Yount adds, “We really try to serve our customers. If they call us we are out there right away.”

While All Metals Market has seen strong improvement in its retail business, the company also has seen a sharp increase in its industrial business. The company has around 400 boxes at various locations and has trailers to quickly service any account.

In addition to new equipment, the company also recently expanded its warehouse to accommodate the increase in business.

The Bonfiglioli shredder, purchased through Alan Ross Machinery Corp., features a unique rotor design, dynamic throttling of feedstock and a complete downstream non-ferrous recovery system in a compact and semi-portable package.

“I purchased a 2,000 ton Bonfiglioli ferrous shear earlier this year through Alan Ross Machinery and the quantities of mill grade scrap its producing are impressive,” Young says. “Soon after I inspected Drake ferrous shredders in Connecticut and Chicago and felt the Drake M16 would deliver similar results in a shredded product.”

Rustin Ross, president of Alan Ross Machinery Corp. and the U.S. dealer for ING Bonfiglioli’s equipment, says, “The shredder and base downstream equipment take only about two weeks to install, but ensuring the site is ready for installation when Bonfiglioli’s personnel arrive, and managing the logistics of rental equipment and delivery from the port can get complex. With six successful US installations behind them, and two more in the pipeline, Bonfiglioli is as skilled at managing that process as any equipment service provider I’ve seen.”