Aleris to Idle West Virginia Plant

Aluminum producer expects to shutter the de-ox production plant by March 1, 2013.

December 19, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

Ohio-based Aluminum Aleris ( has announced plans to close its Bens Run secondary aluminum production plant in Friendly, W. Va., by March 1, 2013.

Aleris spokesperson Jason Saragian has indicated that despite Aleris’ best efforts, the facility was unable to meet the company’s business goals.

The Bens Run facility produces pyramid and cone-shaped deoxidizers used in steel melt shops to help remove impurities. The facility also produces aluminum ingot in multiple alloys and manufactures recycled secondary ingot and sows. The facility was opened in 1989.

Aleris also has another aluminum recycling facility in Friendly and a rolled products facility in Buckhannon, W. Va. Saragian says the other Friendly plant will be unaffected by the Bens Run closure.

The unaffected Friendly recycling facility is a milling operation where aluminum byproducts are crushed and ground into aluminum concentrates and sold to aluminum processors. It was opened in 1998.