ALBA Group-Miracle Group Partnership Expands to Include Nonferrous Scrap

German company's recycling program in China is commemorated in a ceremony.

June 4, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

The German recycling company ALBA Group, based in Cologne, has agreed to expand its recycling business partnership with China’s Jiangsu Miracle Logistics System Engineering Co. Ltd. The expansion was commemorated with a signing ceremony meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang.

In a press release, Alba notes that the two companies have cooperated in scrap car recycling in Tongling (Anhui Province) since August 2012. In the expansion of its partnership arrangement ALBA says that its recycling operations with Miracle Logistics will now include nonferrous scrap recycling.

"We are very pleased that we are able to further expand our cooperation with Miracle. Our long-term goal is to work together with the Miracle Group to establish a model for replication in other provinces across China. In this way, we can actively help China in developing and rolling out a modern recycling economy. Our vision for the next five years is for ALBA Group to assume a significant role in the Chinese recycling industry," says Axel Schweitzer, CEO of ALBA Group.

ALBA Group has had a presence in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years and in raw materials trading says it is the largest exporter of scrap recyclables from Europe to Asia.

Its workforce in Hong Kong and Peking (the main location) adapt technologies and approaches developed in Germany, provide consulting and market raw materials (plastics, paper, and metals such as copper and aluminum) recycled by ALBA Group in Europe.

Jiangsu Miracle Logistics System Engineering Co. Ltd. supplies automation technology and logistics systems, and is a manufacturer of conveyor systems for the automotive industry and a producer of wind turbine components for the international market.