ACE Introduces Lightweight Bottom-Dump Trailer

Trailer weighs less than 10,000 pounds.

July 30, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
C&D Equipment & Products
American Carrier Equipment (ACE), a Fresno, Calif.-based trailer manufacturer serving construction, aggregate, mining, refining, asphalt, refuse, chemical and industrial processing industries, has introduced an ultra-high-tensile-strength steel bottom dump trailer for customers in the western United States. 

According to ACE, the all-steel, tandem-axle, semi-bottom-dump trailer is the culmination of a two-year research, development and field-testing program aimed at producing a tough, lightweight, super breed of trailer for severe-duty applications. The trailer is 30 percent lighter, has 300 percent greater structural integrity and accommodates 12.5 percent greater load capacity than competitive offerings.

ACE says its new bottom dump trailer also has been designed to provide superior discharge characteristics. The interior bed slope has been engineered to promote optimum load release flow when the gate is opened. The design promotes complete emptying and reduces the potential for load material, such as asphalt, to bridge or form into nonflowing masses that remain in the trailer bed.

Standard features of the trailer include ultra-high-tensile-strength steel construction, fuel-saving super single tires and lightweight aluminum wheels. The trailer can also be fitted with risers that extend the bed capacity, allowing it to haul larger volumes of lighter-weight material. 

ACE offers the new trailer in tandem-axle, tri-axle and quad-axle configurations.

ACE adds that compared to an industry average gross vehicle weight (GVW) of between 11,800 pounds and 14,000 pounds for all-steel bottom dumps, its bottom dump trailer presents significant advantages. According to the company, the vehicle’s unique design and exceptional material construction make it the lightest all-steel bottom dump trailer available anywhere, and at 9,680 pounds GVW, it also is lighter and stronger than all-aluminum bottom dumps and dumps with a combination of steel and aluminum construction.

Additional information, including dealer location and product information, can be obtained by contacting American Carrier Equipment at 800-344-2174 or by visiting: