Accushred Adds Hard Drive Shredder

Ohio information destruction and electronics recycling company expands processing capacity.

October 5, 2012
SDB Staff
Electronics Paper
Toledo, Ohio-based AccuShred, an information destruction and electronics recycling company, has installed a new high-capacity hard drive shredder. 
“Total physical destruction is more secure than data sanitization or wiping because no hard drives ever leave the facility intact,” Nate Segall, AccuShred president, says. “This new hard drive shredder gives us a unique ability to totally prevent data recovery while still being able to reclaim and recycle available metals.”
The shredder, manufactured in Delmont, Pa., by Allegheny Shredders, can process up to 35 hard drives or devices per minute.  It also can be truck-mounted, enabling AccuShred to process at a customer’s site.  
“Now there’s a solution for companies and individuals that hold onto old electronics for years because they don’t have a foolproof and affordable option,” Segall says.  
AccuShred was founded in 2002 and provides National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified on- and off-site document destruction. AccuShred is a subsidiary of the State Paper and Metal Co.