Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill Purchases Metso Tissue Machine

It is the third NTT tissue machine Metso has sold globally.

September 30, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill (ADNPM), a member of Abu Dhabi Industrial Projects Co., has ordered an NTT tissue manufacturing machine from the equipment company Metso. It is the third NTT tissue machine Metso has sold and the first in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The machine is expected to be installed by the second quarter of 2015. Metso sold a similar machine in Mexico, which was installed earlier this year, and one in Chile that is expected to be installed in 2014.

The new machine will increase ADNPM’s production capacity to 90,000 tons per year. The company reports that it already has produced about 45,000 tons of tissue during the first nine months of 2013.

According to Metso, the PM3 NTT machines will be a strategic addition to ADNPM’s production line where the entire factory production is currently depending on Italian-made machines.

NTT, a product that has high absorbency, high softness and high bulk, is able to run as a conventional machine.

ADNPM made the announcement on the third day of Paper Arabia 2013, the MENA’s premier specialized event for the paper industry, held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre with the participation of key industry players from the paper, tissue and converting industries.

In announcing the deal, Helmut Berger, general manager of ADNPM, says, “Forty-five percent of our products go to the UAE, part of the 80 percent that goes to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). The remaining 20 percent are shipped to Australia, Africa, Europe and the rest of the world. 

“We anticipate one-third of our production capacity to be produced by this machine by the second quarter of 2015, achieving an enormous increase of 30,000 tons annually,” Berger adds.

Berger continues, “The compact NTT tissue machine sections impart the unique qualities on either plain or textured tissue and increase the speed and capacity of the production. This will help achieve better results in our major production line. This is a milestone for the local tissues production in the UAE.

“We have carefully studied this strategic deal that will herald a whole new era to the local tissue industry. The tailored automation solutions in this machine will increase the life cycle performance and economy and will keep the production in peak condition,” Berger says.

ADNPM is a subsidiary of the private investment group Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects Co. The company was established in 2001 and has two tissue machines with a capacity of round about 63,000 tons per year. Aside from the different pulp products, ADNPM is able to run their machine with 100 percent recovered paper. The mill houses a pulp store, machine house, stock preparation facilities, tissue machines, deinking plant, warehouse and offices.