A&A Midwest Expands Scrap Service in Las Vegas

Company continues to combine dismantling and scrap services.

July 10, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking, headquartered in the Chicago area, has expanded its operations to open a new end-of-life vehicle processing center in the Las Vegas area. (That operation, which also has operated under the AAEQ name, was profiled in Recycling Today in May 2010.)

"Though a vehicle may no longer be usable to the owner, A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking sees great value in the parts that can be disassembled and reused," says Scott Stolberg, president and CEO. "We buy used vehicles and parts, sell used auto parts for remanufacturing, and export used vehicles and parts. Plus, we offer top dollar whether the vehicles is running or not."

To maximize its operations, Stolberg says the company recently purchased a Genesis shear and a Caterpillar material handler.

Stolberg says the addition of auto wrecking services in Las Vegas adds capacity to the A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking auto export salvage business the company operates from an 80,000-square-foot facility in the Chicago suburb of Blue Island, Ill.

The company estimates it will process about 25 vehicles per month from its Las Vegas operations and ship one or more containers for export to developing countries.

A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking also harvests wheels, catalytic converters and tires for recycling and reuse. With the recent purchase of a shearing device for its Las Vegas location, the company says it can quickly and conveniently recycle any remaining metals, such as steel and aluminum.

While the company exports the drive trains and many of the auto parts, it ends up selling the auto hulks to auto shredders in the Las Vegas area.