4th Bin Receives E-Stewards Certification

Company says it is the only electronics recycler in New York City to earn the certification.

March 1, 2013
SDB Staff
Certification Electronics

New York-based 4th Bin has announced that it has received e-Stewards certification, making it the only electronics recycler in New York City to achieve the certification that was developed by the Seattle-based Basel Action Network (BAN).

"Our customers not only expect but demand the highest standards when it comes to responsible electronics recycling," says Michael Deutsch, co-founder and CEO of the 4th Bin. "In becoming certified as an e-Steward recycler, the 4th Bin is demonstrating that our ethical position in the industry is more than just words and fluff. We are willing to take action. And there's really no better way to do just that than to achieve the industry's highest level of certification."

John Kirsch, co-founder and senior vice president of business development at the 4th Bin, adds, "As NYC's leading electronics recycler, we take our commitment to both ethical recycling and our community seriously. In becoming the city's only certified e-Stewards recycler, we are determined to set the bar high, encouraging others to strive for the ultimate level of environmentally responsible behavior."  

In addition to the company’s e-Stewards certification, 4th Bin has pursued a number of other certifications, including ISO 14001 and R2 Certification, which focuses on the performance of electronics recyclers in the areas of environmental and public health, worker health and safety, security (data and facility) as well as the whole of the recycling process and custody of materials through final disposition.

The company adds that it is one of the initial members in the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), an advocate group in support of the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (H.R. 2284).