21st Century Programming Launches Spanish-Language Website

Software designer says the new site targets border customers.

July 23, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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21st Century Programming, based in Long Beach, Calif., has officially launched its Spanish-language website at www.21stcenturyprogramming.com.mx. 21st Century designs and distributes ROM, ROM Express, ROM Recycler, ROM Brokerage and ROM Enterprise recycling industry software.

The company says its designed the website to support the needs of recyclers in the Mexican and Latin American markets as well as U.S.-based operations run by Spanish-speakers. Newly translated Spanish-language brochures have accompanied the website launch as well.

21st Century Programming’s Recycling Operations Manager (ROM) software system is a multi-lingualized software customizable in most Latin-based languages and is cable of handling multiple currencies.

21st Century says its primary goal of its Spanish-language campaign is to enhance sales and customer support between the U.S.-based company and border customers. To support the campaign, 21st Century Programming says it also has strengthened its Spanish-speaking support, sales and marketing staff.

“Mexico is a major player in the recycling industry,” says George Kane, president of 21st Century Programming. “With an intense flow of scrap materials across the Mexican-American border, we see it as our responsibility to provide unique solutions for the protection of their inventory in the same manner we provide protection for U.S.-based recyclers.

“Improving relations with the Spanish-language community of recyclers has been something that has been in the works for some time now, and we’re excited to be able to better serve this group through a bilingual campaign now in place from sales to technical support,” Kane continues.