21st Century Programming targets Mexico

Software company taps IVEMSA to help it expand in Mexico.

February 17, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Software solutions firm 21st Century Programming, Long Beach, Calif., has selected IVEMSA to help it expand its presence in Mexico. IVEMSA describes itself as an administrative services provider with more than 30 years of experience helping companies operate successfully in Mexico.

IVEMSA, headquartered in Mexicali, Mexico, says it assists companies by providing selected outsourced administrative services, full shelter operations and stand-alone manufacturing entity development.

21st Century provides software that targets recycling facilities of all sizes that handle metals, paper, plastic, cars and electronics. With the company opening an office in Tijuana, Mexico, 21st Century will support customers throughout Mexico who use its Recycling Operations Manager (ROM) software system. IVEMSA will help facilitate 21st Century’s expansion into Mexico by providing services including customs expediting, human resources management and government and environmental compliance.

George Kane, president of 21st Century, says, “With several clients already in Mexico, we decided to expand operations into the country to take better advantage of the dynamic growth in that region in the recycling industry. Mexico is an excellent gateway to all of Latin America, and we look forward to working with the experienced IVEMSA team to help us achieve our goals.”

Heading up 21st Century’s Mexico offices will be Rosa Jaramillo, operations manager, and Alejandro Zamudio, HR coordinator, both formerly with the recycling company Recycladora Conchanilla.