21st Century Launches Training, Education Center

Software firm introduces ROM University, which provides free, non-instructor lead training program for companies using its ROM program.

January 11, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
21st Century Programming, a designer and distributor of custom software solutions for the recycling and waste industries such as ROM, ROM Express, ROM Recycling, ROM Brokerage and ROM Enterprise, has officially launched ROM University, an online training and education center. 
The program has been designed as part of a four-tiered training program. The training program is a free, non-instructor lead training program that recyclers using 21st Century’s ROM software system are being enrolled in prior to installation of the system at their yard.
“We are absolutely ecstatic about the launch of ROM University. Where other software providers might offer a couple of YouTube video tutorials, we’ve designed an entire training program to best support our customers before the software is ever even installed in their yards,” says George Kane, president of 21st Century Programming and the dean of ROM University.
21st Century says more than 20 companies and 65 trainees are currently enrolled in the program, which started in late August 2012. The program includes sessions on cashiering, general office administration, accounting, yard management, scale operations and enterprise operations with concentrations in installation, cashiering, public scaling, dealer scaling, purchasing, inventory management, operation of peripheral devices and state compliance modules.
Each class is self-guided, consisting of a series of written presentations and narrated video tutorials. Each session takes between 10-20 minutes. A quiz at the end of each class tests trainees’ comprehension of the lesson and issues certificates for a passing grade of 80 percent or higher.
Individual classes are grouped together in series. Enforced sequences ensure that prerequisites are met so that students’ knowledge of the system increases as the complexity of the lessons build.
“Serious thought went into the design and implementation of the ROM software system, making it the most complete system I have come across in the industry, it truly has made our operators’ job easier,” says Matt Ulewicz of Rochester Recycling, Rochester, Mich., who took part in the ROM
Recyclers taking the test can earn one of three accreditations from ROM University, an award of accomplishment, certificate of completion, or a diploma of graduation. 
21st Century says that a total of 40 classes are currently available to ROM University students; another 60 classes are expected to be launched by the end of the first quarter of 2013. 
ROM University also features a library where users can access up-to-date learning materials such as manuals and workstation cheat-sheets. The library also includes an FAQ directory where frequently asked questions about the software system are answered in a video tutorial of two to five minutes in length.
More information is available at www.21stCenturyProgramming.com or call (562) 981-1030.