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Allied-Gator's New MT Series Multi-Tool Truly Is Superior To All Other Hydraulic Powered Processing Attachments www.alliedgator.com


Technically Superior.

Allied-Gator's MT Series Multi-Tool design gives maximum mechanical and hydraulic power advantage over all other hydraulic attachments.  The MT Series uses its unique Allied-Gator Power-Link and Guide System that increases the tools force as the jaws close, delivering unparalleled force and precise jaw alignment when shearing or crushing.


The Allied-Gator MT Series innovative modular design gives full 360-degree continuous rotation and its cylinder resides in a damage-free environment within the tool body.


The MT Series Multi-Tool's knife and anvil cycle at the same rate, and on the centerline of the tool resulting in dramatic gains in operator control, efficiency, speed and safety.


Allied-Gator's MT Series Multi-Tool design is a culmination of an eight year research and design development  program with a sole objective to overcome every problem of currently available attachments as well as achieve new advantages in production and ease of operation. The MT Series design accomplishes and incorporates numerous patent pending features that fulfill these objectives.


The new MT Series Multi-Tool guarantees a remarkable increase in production over any other processing attachment by adding features that drive factors of operator comfort, safety and efficiency to new levels.


Maximum Versatility.

Allied-Gator is now offering eleven sizes of the MT Series Multi-Tool from the MT-5  to the MT-180.  The range of this current product line will accommodate any make and model carrier 5,000 lbs. and up.


The Allied-Gator MT Series Multi-Tool is available in many configurations due to the modular design-acceptance of pin-on, interchangeable jaw sets can be switched in minutes without the hassle of hydraulic hose removal.


The Allied-Gator MT Series Multi-Tool is available in rotating and non-rotating configurations, both allowing 2nd and 3rd member mounting applications.


More Exclusive MT Series Multi-Tool Features:

The new MT Series Shear Tip features "disposable" wear components that outlast and out perform all other shear tips.  Jam elimination, increased productivity, durability and overall superior shear performance are realized after extensive field-testing of the new MT Series Shear Tip.


The new Allied-Gator Speed Circuit technology enhances production by delivering faster cycle times.


Unmatched Dexterity.

Centerline cycling provides pinpoint accuracy, eliminates clumsy material positioning and operator blind spots.  Resulting in safer, more productive operation.



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