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A-Ward Launches Mi-Slide Compactor/Loader

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The sliding mechanism of the Mi-Slide Compactor bales scrap metals, stages bales prior to loading and facilitates loading into truck containers.

Recycling Today Staff July 31, 2012

A-Ward, with North American offices in Port Wentworth, Ga., has introduced a new scrap metal recycling compacting, baling and loading machine that the company says is designed to offer greater transportation efficiency for recyclers.

Scrap is loaded directly into the Mi-Slide Compactor, which vertically compacts the material. Next, the device’s horizontal baler compresses and bales the material, pushing the finished bale into the Mi-Slide’s loader chute, which measures 34 feet long and can hold a truckload’s worth of compacted bales.

Each finished bale measures approximately 1.7 meters by 1.8 meters by 1.1 meters and weigh just over 2 tonnes.

When the loading chute is full, a truck backs up to encase the Mi-Slide’s entire loading chute within the truck container.

Facilitating the loading process are folding supports beneath the loading chute and auto-lock connections from the chute to the container, A-ward says. The Mi-Slide device completes the loading task by pushing the bales from the loading area into the truck container, then retracting. 

A YouTube video of the Mi-Slide Compactor in action is available at www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRrGzQtsodU&list=UU0qlslExOy3fa5AJovhsr3w&index=1&feature=plcp.

  A-Ward says the idea behind the Mi-Slide Compactor came from the company's managing director, Simon Ward, who saw an opportunity to change the way light gauge scrap is transported, minimize handling and produce ideal shredder feed.


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