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Waste Management and Resource Recovery

Recycling Multiple Materials $199.95

By: Charles Rhyner, Leander J. Schwartz, Robert Wenger, Mary G. Kohrell

Published: 1995 by CRC Press | 544 Pages 

  • Offers a complete and comprehensive discussion on the subject, presenting scientific and technical material in a clear, pedagogical style
  • Provides accurate and authoritative information on topics of current concern
  • Details solid waste source reduction and recycling topics such potential markets for and environmental impacts of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste, paper, metals, plastics, glass containers, and tires
  • Uses Standard International (SI) units throughout text, with equivalent English units also provided
  • Includes a complete table of conversion factors
  • Contains extensive supplemental appendix material
  • Aids in the establishment of effective waste management policies and efficient waste management systems
  • Discusses the required insights from the social sciences 

This book provides a basic understanding of waste management problems and issues faced by modern society. Scientific, technical, and environmental principles are emphasized to illustrate the processes of municipal and industrial solid wastes and liquid wastes, and the nature of impacts resulting from waste dispersal and disposal in the environment. Economic, social, legal, and political aspects of waste management are also addressed.
Environmental issues and concerns receive thorough coverage in discussing waste reduction, resource recovery, and efficient and practical waste disposal systems. Other specific topics include recycling, physical and chemical processing, the biological treatment of waste solids, incineration, pyrolysis, and energy recover, hazardous wastes, and landfill management.The role of government and other institutions in waste management and resource recovery matters is also detailed. Discussion questions, worked examples, and end-of-chapter problems reinforce important concepts.

Waste Management and Resource Recovery is particularly suitable as a text in waste management courses in environmental science or engineering programs. It also works well as a reference for practitioners in the waste management field.



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